Bakas Design Concepts

Casa Palmera

Summer Luxury villas 10 person
Project type

Hotels & Airbnb


Chalkidiki, Nea Moudania, 2022


The goal of the design was for the hotel accommodation to be the ultimate place to escape to and relax. The large openings in the ceiling played an important role in the aesthetics, allowing natural light to pass through and for the creation of patio gardens with tropical plants, free of unnecessary deco excesses, with a distinct design identity and an emphasis on the modest side of luxury.

Material Palette

Brown, beige and gray shades

Palm House Villas is located in a particularly beautiful location, in the area of Halkidiki in new Moudania. This is a luxurious residence located on the edge of the hill with an endless view of the sea. One of its characteristic features are the exotic palm trees that surround it, but at the same time also form part of the building.

The luxurious villa is divided into two levels. On the ground floor there is the pool area, two master bedrooms and a single living room. On the upper floor is the main residence. Inside the rooms, the dominant materials are wood and cement, creating a scene of “wild chic aesthetics”.

The design is characterised by minimal lines and shades of faded beige, light gray and brown. The interior comes in perfect harmony with the external natural environment. Wooden and bamboo furniture with different textures, wicker lamps and carefully selected ceramic decorative elements complete this elegant and the same time raw image.